Ear Candy: Washed Out

Since 2009 Washed Out, a.k.a. Ernest Greene, has been producing some of the most beautiful melodies I have heard in quite some time. Like most, he found it difficult to find a job after graduating from college. He moved back to his hometown of Perry, GA and began producing songs in his bedroom, which from what I have read was his parents basement. I first discovered his music accidentally on iTunes when looking for another album. His most recent album Within and Without is like the soundtrack to the perfect beach day...or a day traveling through the lovely Icelandic countryside like the music video for Amor Fati, the fourth track off the album. Washed Out's Within and Without was released July 12th and is currently available on iTunes.


Concert of a lifetime

My most favorite artist of all time, Imogen Heap, was recently at the Filmore Theatre in Miami Beach, to which I had the privilege of attending. And let me tell you, she was magnificent. Ever since I discovered Frou Frou's album in the bargain bin at Sam Goody all those years ago I have been utterly obsessed. Her style is captivating. I was FRONT ROW, literally two feet from her. It was a religious experience to say the least.

Even her three opening acts were incredible. My favorite being Mr. Ben Christophers. His voice was simply fantastic. He is someone I would love to hear more of.

She is a goddess.
End of Story.


Life just gets busy sometimes. Graduation, and a slew of other things have kept me from keeping up to date with my little blog. I was warned that this would happen once I started blogging and I have unfortunately fallen victim to it. Anyway, instead of making excuses let me fill you in on some amazing things that have been happening lately.

One of my most favorite Internet video sensations, Bon qui qui (a.k.a. Anjela Johnson) recently performed at my local Improv. She was incredible! And one thing I was really impressed with was her ability to make the entire audience laugh without using any fowl language. Not that I am a saint by any means, but I find it fantastic when comics can avoid cussing and be more entertaining than those that use a cuss word every two sentences. I even got the chance to meet her (TWICE) and she was so so sweet! We briefly discussed her show and she asked how she sounded. It was quite the fabulous evening if I do say so myself.


FINALLY-New Christina...almost.

If you are like I am, and have been waiting for literally YEARS for some new Christina, the wait may be nearing an end...Her official website's first countdown is now over. They just released the cover artwork for her 'comeback' single, "Not Myself Tonight". According to reports, the pop star collaborated with recording artist Sia on several tracks on her new album. Pre-order, I think yes.

Your Welcome.

Ear Candy: Simon Curtis

Get ready, get set, and go. GO now to Simon Curtis' official website and download yourself a copy FOR FREE of his latest release, 8 -Bit Heart. Catchy electro-pop, it is a fun little listen. My favorite tracks include: Super Psycho Love, Delusional, Diablo, Beat Drop, & Brainwash.

Enjoy xo
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